Each delivered system is accompanied by dedicated user manuals, and optional operator and maintenance training courses. All systems are fully supported by a technical team, ready to intervene, when necessary.


If the system needs to be installed on a vessel, a team composed of expert technicians is tasked to perform all the required preliminary activities and evaluations necessary to define a suitable installation plan, containing detailed technical installation drawings. The actual installation can then be performed by the Client or tasked to GAYMARINE personnel.


In the event of major maintenance to delivered systems, GAYMARINE is structured with a stand by team which, within a matter of days, can be deployed around the world and perform any minor or major maintenance operation.
All delivered systems are typically supported for a minimum of 20 years. GAYMARINE is proud to have supported its customers, some of which have been intensely using their systems for well over 25 years.


Even though all GAYMARINE, products are designed with an eye on simple maintenance and intuitive operation, each delivered system is accompanied by a detailed set of user manuals, which grant access to detailed maintenance and operational procedures. Additionally, dedicated training courses can be provided by our skilled personnel, if requestes.
The operation and maintenance training is a key aspect to allow our Clients to safely use our systems and effectively perform the required maintenance activities, thus increasing the system life span and reducing the possible downtime to a minimum.


Our technical team is composed of skilled technicians and engineers, with an extensive knowledge of our systems, as well as sea and naval operations, thus capable of fixing all kind of technical problems, both in the Company and around the world.