Pluto Gigas

PLUTO GIGAS pluto gigas is a remote operated underwater vehicle having a primary use as a heavy duty mine identification and mine disposal.

PLUTO GIGAS is capable of countermining missions in prohibitive current and lack of visibility conditions.
A smart combination of high power high speed vehicle with the smallest communication cable and special to purpose imaging sonar make PLUTO GIGAS the top minehunting vehicle.
Ideal complement of the most modern and advanced Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV).
Unique technical solutions allow remote control via wireless radio link.
Autonomous preprogrammed missions, allowing the pilot chance to take up manual control at any time if required.
Extreme performance: missions in 5 knots current, zero visibility, 600m depth.

Specifications PLUTO GIGAS
Dimensions 3270 - 610 - 840 mm
Weight 600 kg
Payload 100 kg
Maximum Depth 600 m
Speed 7.5 kn
Sonar range 0.5 m to 400 m


  • Maximum performance for mine hunting, even in conditions of high depth and strong current
  • Eight thrusters for precise and powerful navigation control
  • Wide range target search capability
  • Applications: DEFENCE
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